The West Coast Grill at Hazelmere

The Hazelmere Grill is currently open daily

Monday-Sunday 11AM-9:30PM 

(Food Service ends at 9:00PM)

*New Daily Drink Specials Starting May 29th*

CAESAR SUNDAY: 1oz Caesars for $5.85(1oz)
MOJITO MONDAY: Regular or Strawberry Mojito $1.95 off(1oz)
TOP-UP TUESDAY: 9oz wine for the price of a 6 oz
WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Margaritas on special $1.95 off(1oz)
THIRSTY THURSDAY: The Foursome Beer Flight on special for $7.50(20oz)
DOUBLE BOGEY FRIDAY: Standard doubles on special $2.00 off(2oz)
SANGRIA SATURDAY: Sangria on special for $8.95(3oz Red Wine, 1oz Apricot Brandy)

For a more casual dining experience, visit our spacious West Coast Grill – the perfect place to unwind.

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